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Starbucks Introduces Nitro Coffee

Starbucks Introduces Nitro Coffee by Mike McKim Lugging kegs and couplers around in my car back in 2012, I believed with all my heart that coffee on tap would be something big. In 2011, I had set out to create a nitrogenated cold brew coffee that could be served anywhere, and now hearing that Starbucks intends to [...]

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Dois Macacos | Featured Coffee

The Monkeys are Back! Meaning "two monkeys", Dois Macacos is a product of twos: two estates, forming two lots with two different processing methods. Literally, Dois Macacos is twice as good. Truthfully, when we began our search, we wanted a single coffee. But Henrique Dias Cambraia, the current owner of the Fazenda (meaning “farm”) Samambaia presented [...]

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Cuvee Coffee Sends Baristas to Guatemala

What happens when your co-workers vote for you? At Cuvee Coffee it means you end up in Guatemala. If you could send one of your co-workers on an adventure in Antigua, who would it be? That's exactly what we asked all of the Baristas at our East Austin coffee bar. We asked them to cast their [...]

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Rwanda Virunga | Featured Coffee 2016

“Virunga represents the beginning of a transition” Virunga represents the beginning of a transition at Cuvee. More and more, we are increasing our coffee offerings throughout the year, and in doing so, our search for high quality partners across the globe never ends. As relationships with new partners are established and ongoing relationships with current partners grow, [...]

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Introducing our new Director of Sales: Michelle Diaz

Introducing Michelle Diaz, our new Director of Sales. This is Michelle Diaz. Michelle is our new Director of Sales, and while we used to think we couldn’t get any more awesome, Michelle certainly proved us wrong. She is pure awesome. Her warm personality, professionalism and earnest desire to provide support make Michelle a perfect fit for [...]

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Los Luchadores | Featured Coffee 2016

“This coffee has a whole lot of personality.” Los Luchadores means “The Wrestlers.” That’s because this coffee is a Pacamara varietal making it quirky and full of character. A hybrid between the Pacas, a descendant of the Bourbon in El Salvador, and the Maragogipe, a giant “Elephant Bean” from Brazil, the Pacamara is substantially larger, more [...]

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Orange Bourbon | Featured Coffee

"The Orange Bourbon is a very unusual find." The story of this coffee begins with the discovery of an unusual variety Jose Antonio found on his farm, El Molino, in El Salvador. Jose Antonio decided to sort the new variety into its own lot to highlight the unique characteristics. The orange bourbon been a standout favorite [...]

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Cuberow | Featured Coffee

Cuberow is our first Ethiopian coffee partnership, and like most of our coffee partnerships it began simple and honest. Our partnership with Cuberow began like many relationships: a date over coffee! We were introduced by a mutual friend who knew us well and understood what we looked for in a partner. We met Bedhatu Jibichy, an [...]

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All Whole Foods Locations in the Northeast Region Now Carrying Black & Blue

Black & Blue, nitro coffee in a can, available in all Whole Foods locations in the Northeast Region. You read that correctly. For the first time ever, the award-winning, world-famous (yes, world) Black & Blue nitro cans are available outside of Texas. Set to hit shelves beginning today, our beloved Black & Blue nitro cans will [...]

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Black & Blue Wins Best of 2015 Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Cuvee Coffee's Black & Blue nitro cans win BevNET's Best of 2015 Award.Santa Monica, California - December 07, 2015 - Announced this afternoon, Cuvee Coffee's Black & Blue nitro cans have been awarded BevNET's Best of 2015 Award for "Best Packaging Innovation of the Year". Introduced in the Fall of [...]

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