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Santa Rita Peaberry | Featured Coffee

This coffee stands alone in a unique class.Destroying assumptions, bucking trends, taking roads less traveled, Santa Rita Peaberry is a double anomaly. Jose Antonio Salaverria, the farmer who produces this coffee, took something that isn't typically found in coffee cherries and then did something to it not typically done! The average coffee cherry has 2 [...]

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Exclusive Tasting | Barista PDX

ANNOUNCING: BARISTA in PDX offers san jose ocanaWe love BARISTA and what they are doing in PDX, and we're honored to provide this exceptional coffee. This weekend BARISTA in Portland will offer our limited released San Jose Ocana -- which has been processed three different ways -- as three different espresso options. This marks [...]

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NOW HIRING: Sales Director

This position has been filled. Thank you!Sales Director - Full Time, ATX• Do you love coffee?• Are you proactive, confident and assertive?• Do you enjoy helping people realize their dreams?• Do you pride yourself on great customer service?• Are you organized and detail oriented? If so, as the Sales Director for [...]

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PRESS RELEASE: Cuvee Coffee To Pursue Resolution With TABC

UPDATE: Cuvee Coffee CEO, Mike McKim spoke with What's On Tap Radio out of Houston. Listen to his explanation of the situation. (Skip to minute 56:00) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Cuvee Coffee will pursue a resolution of the matter with TABC, and the courts, as necessary.Austin, Texas - September 29, 2015 [...]

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Featured Coffee | San Jose Ocana (Washed, Natural and Pulp Natural)

San José Ocaña is an excellent example of what a Direct Trade relationship can truly be. A year-round staple for Cuvee, San José Ocaña is an excellent example of what a Direct Trade relationship can truly be. Since 2010 Cuvee’s consistent commitment to purchase this coffee has enabled Guillermo Sanchez–the 5th generation to run San [...]

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Introducing our new Director of Training: Colby Cox

Introducing our new Director of Training: Colby CoxThis is Colby Cox and his English Bulldog, Watson. Colby is our new Director of Training, and we're particularly excited to have him on board. Not only will he bring his naturally approachable enthusiasm to our team, he'll bring his 8 years of coffee experience as well. We're [...]

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Proud to be a part of the Creative Mornings Lecture Series

CreativeMornings/ATX is a breakfast lecture series for the creative community. For a while now, we've participated in the CreativeMornings lecture series here in Austin. We serve coffee, sit back and watch the hodgepodge-like collection of insanely creative people interact. There is community--a resonating commonality of people hoping to engage and interact. [...]

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Win A Free Bag of Coffee (San Sebastian AAA)

Follow us and share using our contest hashtag and be entered to win free coffee. Hey! We're giving away some free coffee again. This month we're featuring a new Colombian, San Sebastian AAA. This coffee is an This coffee is spectacularly rare and excellent. Derived from the Las Mingas Project and produced entirely [...]

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Featured Coffee | San Sebastian AAA

"Only the best lots were incorporated into San Sebastian."Derived from the Las Mingas Project and produced entirely by small-lot coffee growers in Huila, Colombia, San Sebastian is the product of a community’s persistent craftsmanship and extensive lot selection. Realizing the benefits of working together and striving to produce high quality coffee, all 320+ of these [...]

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Mexico Las Calacas | Featured Coffee

"One of the finest coffees to ever come across our cupping table." Excellent Mexican coffees are a rare find these days. When they show up on shelves, they turn heads. This lack of exposure and recognition, however, is not indicative of Mexican producers’ ability. Rather it’s due in large part to La Roya [...]

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