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CROWLER NIGHT Featuring Strange Land Brewery

The Great Tradition of CROWLER NIGHT Continues with Strange Land Brewery On March 5th, 2015 from 6p to 8p, Cuvee Coffee Bar (2000 E. 6th) will continue the great tradition of Crowler Night (#CuveeCrowlerNight) by celebrating new and exceptional beers from one of ATX's newest breweries: Strange Land Brewery. Starting at 6:00p on Thursday, [...]

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I Loved Budweiser’s Super Bowl Ad - by Mike McKim

"I loved the ad because it's a great strategy. But I also loved the ad because it makes me draw parallels with coffee and fear that the same alienating culture is true about the coffee industry." During the Super Bowl, Budweiser put their marketing prowess on display by issuing a "Brewed The Hard [...]

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Starbucks Now Offers Flat White, Artisanal Arguments Ensue - by Mike McKim

"Specialty coffee’s newest artisanal headache: Starbucks’ Flat White." - Mike McKimIf you’ve walked into a coffee shop in the last ten years, you’ve no doubt been inundated with coffee beverage terminology. Cortado. Macchiato. Cappuccino. Latte. Etc. And, to your chagrin, you've probably noticed that any given name will actually mean something different depending on what [...]

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Cuvée Coffee Launches New Retail Concept in East Austin

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Cuvée Coffee Launches New Retail Concept in East AustinAustin, Texas - August 1, 2014 - Cuvée Coffee is in the final stages of construction on their first retail coffee bar and have set to open the doors publicly on August 11th.The coffee bar will be located at 2000 E. 6th Street in [...]

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Seventh Flag Coffee | Coffee Partner Series

"Our Country of Friends; All Welcome, All Ways"Officially open down on S. 1st St., Seventh Flag Coffee has already made big waves across Austin's Specialty Coffee scene. An honorable mention from the New York Times aside, this place has started strong right out the gates with a beautifully simplistic buildout that features the distinct marker [...]

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Cuvée Coffee is Now Hiring for Our New Retail Shop

UPDATE: We have completed this round of accepting applications. Thank you to all who have submitted. Cuvee Coffee is one of the most innovative companies in the coffee industry, and we're looking to fill a few positions that are critical to our continued success. This location will be our flagship store, so we are looking to [...]

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Thunderbird Coffee | Coffee Partner Series

"We're extremely focused around people here at Thunderbird." Ryan McElroy, the owner of Thunderbird Coffee in Austin, loves many things. Chief among them are people, beer, coffee and Austin. And if you spend any amount of time with Ryan, you quickly pick up on these themes. During our interview, he glowed with pride as he spoke [...]

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Caffé Medici | Coffee Partner Series

"Allison and I really love what Caffé Medici is now, but we’re really excited about what Caffé Medici is going to be." Reticent to speak too fondly of his business or himself, Michael Vaclav describes the humble beginnings and explosive growth of Caffé Medici with a resolute reverence. "[Allison and I] both realized that Medici was [...]

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Love or Hate | Keurig and the K-Cup

“Maybe we’d get some of the Keurig fans to use our methods if we weren’t so pretentious, wasteful, expensive, and inaccessible ourselves.” Someone is talking about the problems with k-cups again. This article recently surfaced painting a less-than-spectacular picture of the Keurig one cup brewing machine. The argument hinges primarily on the basis of the negative [...]

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HomeState | Coffee Partner Series

"We’re taking something that’s really down-home and elevating it with really fresh ingredients." When asked about HomeState, owner Briana (Breezy) broadly smiles and offers up her signature laugh, "Oh, man. I love HomeState." She pauses before continuing with a sigh, "Oh man." Then she buries her head in her hands. To simply say Breezy loves what she [...]

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